Catching Up: Spring Break Post

I realized this afternoon how long my hiatus from blogging has been. So I decided to post a little to catch up on what has been going on in my neck of the woods 🙂

My boyfriend, Cody, and I headed down to Florida for Spring Break.  We were able to spend time with our close friends, which is always so nice. Cody’s best friend lives and works in Florida so his girlfriend, Cody, and myself decided to fly down to see him.

Lauren and I were packing the night before we left and we had the brillant idea of zipping her into the suitcase! Yes- I know, perhaps the margaritas we had that night might have made this decision a good one 😉

We headed to the airport and flew out on Thursday morning of exam week. This is actually the first time Cody has flown. He was so excited!

The 10 days we were in Florida flew by. It was a great trip filled with catching up, homemade meals, and soaking up the sun.

Such a great trip! Can’t wait to go back down for their wedding 🙂





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