Change of Plans

So Cody and I have some very exciting news! But before I tell you the news.. but let me give you some background.

My background:  So I started graduate school in the Fall and was thrilled to have been accepted into a very well respected anatomy program.  I hoped to excel throughout the program and then go onto medical school at the same university. However, to make a very very long story short, I had a terrible experience. There was a lack of communication  between the graduate school and students, which lead to us having 24 credits in the quarter.  Towards the end of the quarter two of the individuals I respected within the program were let go do to academic dishonesty and the program began to fall apart.  I realized that I had chosen the wrong program and needed a way out.

The issue at my university is that transfers between programs are cast in a negative light. The program you want to transfer into often treats it as they are your second choice. My new advisor within the anatomy program, after my first one was fired, advised me to take classes in the program I wanted to go into and prove that I really wanted to be in the new program.

Cody’s background: Cody had an internship last summer for the a very large medical supply company.  He was offered a great three-year rotation position that will end up with him as a manager. The only negative about accepting the job was that he could be placed in several different distribution centers across the US.

which leads us to last Friday. I received a call at 9:00 AM from an admissions councilor letting me know that I had been accepted into the public health program!!  My specialization within public health will be health behavior and health promotion I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!  At 9:30 AM Cody received an e-mail with his job location. He will be traveling to up-state New York! July 16th is his start date.

We were hoping for news that Cody would receive his first pick, which was in the same city as me. But we are both positive that this will be a great learning experience for both us and that we will put the work in for a long distance relationship 🙂

My hope is that I will be able to document all of my experiences from this up coming year- so that Cody will be able to be apart of it all.

To celebrate the good news we toasted with champaign 🙂 And Hello Kitty Champaign at that!


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