The apartment hunt..

Good morning 🙂

I thought I would update you all on my apartment hunt for next year. My original dream of living in a beautiful single- one bedroom- one bathroom apartment was busted as soon as I saw the price tag.. can you say sticker shock???

I had dreamed of elephant watercolor paintings and pinks and purples everywhere. Aka best bachelorette pad ever. Pinterest pins below of my dream apartment:    


[Source from Left to Right: Kit Sunderland’s Elephant Watercolor-Etsy; Amy Sia’s Floral Explosion Print; Ana Antunes home pictured in Adore Magazine-]

Like I said bubble burst when I would have to pay twice what I am paying now for a one bedroom apartment..

So I decided to live with one of my high school friends, Jordan. This all happened in about 2 tweets back and forth and suddenly I was being called roomie, which went like this:

Me: Dear one bedroom apartments- why are you as expensive as a two bedroom? #apartmenthunt

Jordan: are we still going to be roommates??

          I don’t recall having a conversation with Jordan about being roommates- but apparently we did 🙂

Meet Jordan (aka new roomie):

So this was our apartment wishlist..

Wish List: 

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment


Dog Friendly

Open concept

Washer and Dryer Hook-ups
Safe area
Stay posted to see how the search went.. 🙂 and see how we decorate this place!

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