Carmen Sandiego

I wanted to formally introduce you to the most adorable puppy, Carmen Sandiego. I have mentioned her a few times on the blog but I thought it was time to officially introduce you all 🙂

Meet Carmen the wonder pup!

The following pictures are a few of Carmen. We believe she is an English pointer lab mix but we aren’t 100% sure. At this point whenever someone asks what breed she is Cody and I decide a different one. Lab chihuahua mix is probably my favorite combination at the moment. People definitely do not know what to think when you say that one 🙂

This picture kills me..


Anyway.. back to Carmen.


Carmen is a rescue puppy. Her momma was dropped on the side of the road and a family friend picked her up that night. The next day she had 10 puppies. They were all so adorable but Carmen stole our heart as she climbed up into my lap and slept the whole time we were visiting. She tricked us into thinking she is a calm puppy. For about the first two days she had no personality and I was worried we had made a mistake.. and then one day she just perked up.


Don’t worry she has PLENTY of personality to go around now.

She is the best puppy and is fairly well trained for being 5.5 months old. She can ‘sit’, ‘lay’, and ‘rollover.’ The whole ‘stay’ commend isn’t going the greatest.. I think it might have to do with her extreme separation anxiety! But overall she is doing great 🙂


We really want to start running with her but I want to find a book to make sure we are doing it all right. I have heard varying things from.. you can’t run a dog a full mile until they are a year old.. or it doesn’t matter how old they are as long as you work them up to the correct milage. We currently run her for about a quarter of a mile at a time and just try to take her for a bit longer each time.  I am excited to have her run with us though. It will be especially nice this summer when my running buddy will be in NY 🙂

The video below is after the first time we took Carmen for a run. She was absolutely exhausted when we got home…

Today we dropped her off at the vet to get spayed and her back dewclaws taken out. I am anxious to have her back even though she has only been there for the past two hours.

We really got lucky with her 🙂


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