The Weekend Report 4.20-4.22

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I was definitely ready for a break after a busy class load last week.


Friday was my middle brother’s 26th birthday! Steve teaches 5th grade in Costa Rica. He is the adventure child 🙂 We all wished we could be with him on Friday but we talked to him 3 different times- so it almost felt like we were in the same place.

In honor of our all time favorite movie here is the clip I sent him..


In the afternoon Cody and I headed to pick up the pup after being spayed and having her dewclaws removed. She was one sleepy puppy and had to wear the cone of shame 😦 It was terrible she was so tired she couldn’t keep her head up.

We came home for the weekend and I was able to spend some quality time with my Momma. We drank wine, after failing with Skinnygirl margarita drink, and watched ‘We Bought a Zoo.’ It was such a great movie! And a wonderful girls night.

By the end of the night.. Carmen was out of the cone of shame. She was exhausted and after running into every piece of furniture in the house we decided to just keep an eye on her and just take the cone off. She was pleased but very sleepy.


Saturday, my Dad traveled home from DC and we enjoyed time together- laughing pretty much allll day.


Today Cody and I headed back up to school and I conquered the towering pile of readings for this week. I was able to get through Monday and half of Tuesday’s readings, which I am counting as a win.

Meanwhile Carmen and Cody.. were also VERY busy 😛

I also decided to make a breakfast for the week and made gluten free chunky apple muffins from Mama Pea makes some great recipes 🙂



For the rest of the night.. I am just prepping for tomorrow morning with laying out my outfit, making my breakfast, and just relaxing for a little while.

Well that is the weekend report 🙂 Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!


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