Apartment Hunt II: Change of Plans

So.. last time we talked about my apartment for next year I introduced my roommate and explained our list of requirements for our dream place.

Three weeks ago we put a deposit down on a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. Check check check to all of our requirements:

  • Balcony
  • Dog Friendly
  • Open concept
  • Washer and Dryer Hook-ups
  • Safe area

Well on Sunday afternoon my roommate let me know that he isn’t able to live with me next year after avoiding me for the past two weeks.  I was incredibly frustrated for many reasons but mostly because I thought I lost my deposit. I was also nervous about having to live alone and having an increased rent payment.

After much number crunching and planning I figured out that I will be able to afford a one bedroom one bathroom apartment in the same complex. I called yesterday and they were soo helpful and supportive! They transferred the deposit from the two bedroom to the one bedroom apartment and credited my ‘membership’ account with the additional money that I can spend on fitness courses or other amenities the complex has.

Although living alone isn’t exactly my plan I am trying to turn it all into a positive. I am going to have a fabulous pad that I can make incredibly girly!  Yes, I am a little nervous but this will make me more independent and prove to myself that I am capable of being on my own.

I will keep you up to date on decorating ideas but I thought I should post about the big change of plans!

Life is certainly an adventure!



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