The Weekend Report: 5.4-5.6

All of Friday was pretty uneventful until around 7:30PM. Cody and I met my parents to have dinner and see the AVENGERS!  We met at a mexican restaurant and I had probably the worst dinner I have had in months. The Mexican food was terrible but the company was pretty fabulous 🙂


After eating dinner and drinking skinny margaritas (by far the best food/drink aspect of our meal) we headed to the movie theater. It was packed. They had a line (after you bought your ticket) to enter into your designated theater.  Some how we bypassed the line.. aka disregarded directions and made our way to the theater.  We were the first ones in there!

Insert terrible quality theater picture.

The movie was outstanding! I have been pretty excited to watch the movie ever since I found out scenes were filmed in my home town.  I mean Scarlett Johansson actually worked out in the downtown gym! Soo cool 🙂 especially for a small town Ohio girl!

Saturday consisted mainly of catching up on homework and our usual walk with Carmen.

We took her around the neighborhood instead of the park. It was fun to mix it up.  She slept the rest of the day.. I think the 80 degree weather and long walk took it out of her! The way she contorts her body into different sleeping positions cracks me up.
Sunday was another catch up day for school work. And a whole lot of baking!
Time to get back to finishing my paper.  I hope your weekend was great!! And you have a great Monday 🙂
Favorite and most popular post from last week: Public Health Introduction.. have you read it yet?!

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