Midweek hiatus

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I had a successful presentation, interview, classes, and scheduling for next year. I was able to get the majority of my work finished for the week but I still have two papers to finish- one for Thursday and one for Friday.

As a reward for my long day I took a break and watched the Reds game with Cody and did a full on pedicure.. soak, massage, bottom coat, 2 base coats, and a top coat.. the whole 9 yards.

OPI: Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (how funny are those names?!)

Today I was actually able to spend time with one of my grade school friends, Elizabeth.  My family moved between my 2nd and 3rd grade year of elementary school and Elizabeth and I became instant friends through youth group.

Trying on my dance dresses for fun.

Unfortunately when we both went to undergrad we lost contact.  I randomly bumped into Elizabeth last quarter on the bus and we decided to hang out… well 6 months later. We finally made it happen!

Elizabeth and I decided to go for a hike and originally planned on taking Carmen with us.  But since Cody and I are headed to NY this weekend to find an apartment for Cody- we took Carmen home for the weekend as she can’t stay in the hotel we are staying in.  Carmen is on “Spring break” this week with the grandparents 🙂 Ah.. miss her so much already!

Even sans Carmen, Elizabeth and I had a great hike! I was so nice to spend time together and catch up since it has been sooo long.  Honestly we didn’t stop talking the entire time.

The hike was just what I needed- it felt like a midweek hiatus.  After four hours of hiking I felt so relaxed and happy. I can not believe we haven’t made time to see each other sooner.

Posts to look forward to throughout the rest of the week.. Fashion Friday and Weekend Report of NY!


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