WILW: What I’m Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I have completely dropped off from the blog world. I have about 30 posts to read on my google reader and I don’t have a clue when/if I will get to read them. This quarter is so hectic!

So this weekend was nothing exciting to report. It composed of studying…studying.. and then when I didn’t want to do anymore.. study.  Unfortunately I had to cancel on some really fun plans this weekend because I had so much work to catch up on.

But it is now Wednesday.. the quarter is quickly wrapping up. I have two papers, a take home final, and one final until the I am finished with my first year of grad school! I can’t believe how long this year has felt. From August till June… this could be the longest school year ever.

Just wanted to share WILW for today. Another random batch of things!

1. I am in love with this chair. From the fabric choice to the color of the wood. Love. Love. Love. I have a old rocker that my Mom and I are restoring this Summer. I am thinking about doing a polka-dot pattern similar to this.. we will see!


 2. This song: Gloriana- Kissed You Good Night. It is such a sweet song!

3. This bathing suit from Victoria Secret. I love the yellow color and polka-dots!

4. This recipe for Southwest Stuffed Peppers! Delicious!! Photo credit ‘Simply Love Food’ blog.

5. The thought of Summer.. can’t wait to be at the pool or at the cottage!

 What are you loving this Wednesday?!


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