Weekend Report: 5.25-5.26 Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend!! I hope you are having a blast with family and friends for this long weekend 🙂

So let’s catch you up the weekend..

Late Thursday night Cody and I headed home so we could get up early and spend time with his family.  Daniel, Cody’s brother, graduated from high school on Friday night so we wanted to spend as much time with out of town guests as we could.

We dressed up a bit for the special occasion.












After a 52 minutes graduation, yes we timed it :). Daniel walked across the stage, received his diploma, and graduated from high school! We are all soo proud of him!

The graduate:

After Daniel’s graduation we headed back to their house and spent time with all of the family. It was an absolute blast.. I was kissed (on the check) several times from Cody’s 6 and 10 year old cousins. For the night they told me that I needed to break up with Cody and date them! It was hilarious 🙂

On Saturday, look what this guy got?!!

His first apple product! An iPad. He couldn’t be more excited.. he has literally been on it since he purchased it!

After more furniture shopping (…seems like we are never going to find a good affordable sofa…) we headed home to see my Dad! I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks since he has been out of town.  He drove all the way home this morning from DC!

Dad, Cody, and I ordered pizza.  I finally was able to try the gluten free pizza at our local pizza joint. It was delicious!! Although it did cost an arm and a leg. After watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs and The Office we were all exhausted and headed to bed.

On Sunday Cody and I were able to spend more time with my Dad and then we headed out of town to see the rest of my family!

Overall it was a great weekend 🙂

Posts to look forward to this week are WILW (What I’m Loving Wednesday), CrossFit SEO introduction, and Fashion Friday!


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