Fashion Fridays: Dress Dreaming

Guess what?! It is Friday! And it is my Grandpa’s birthday!

So I am in love with this next dress for Fashion Fridays but it is a bit pricey. Cheers to dreaming.

The dress is found online at Oxygen Boutique and it called the ‘Alice + Olivia Alyssa Embellished Party Dress.’

So I’m not great with my pound to US dollar conversion. So I found a calculator and the sad sad reality is $1,017.15! Ouch. Like I said.. dreaming! I’m just one dreaming girl for this Fashion Friday.

655.00 British pounds sterling = 1017.1495 US dollars

I love the sparkles on the dress that give it an extra something. The length is perfect and I can’t get over the cut out front and the neck line. I think it would be perfect to spin around a dance floor in…

I have thought of about a million places to wear this dress to… a dance, date, wedding, party, rainy day… the list goes on and on.

However, my wallet can not afford this beautiful dress.. so I will continue to dream about it 🙂


Enjoy the last day of the work week!


5 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays: Dress Dreaming

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