Michigan Vacation

My grandparents have had their cottage in Northern Michigan for over 50 years. Every summer I have come up with my family to spend time in this wonderful place.

I can truly say that this is my absolute favorite place. I mean how could you not smile with this view?!

Carman and Cody are having a terrible time ;P

We have enjoyed wonderful food at all of our favorite spots and spent time on the beach and with my grandparents 🙂

Seriously how cute are my grandparents together?

Carmen got to experience her first time in the bay. She wasn’t so sure!

More swimming 🙂

I also was able to spend time with my lifelong friend, Lisa. Unfortunately we are terrible at keeping in contact over the year. But it always amazes me that as soon as we get together we don’t stop talking. It’s like we never left each others sight!

We were also able to celebrate my Grandpa’s 82nd birthday!

I always come back from Michigan relaxed and refreshed. It is nice to sit on the beach and just think. I have been reflecting a lot on this past year of grad school and thinking about the big changes that will happen soon.

  • Cody graduated a few days ago and is headed up to NY for work in less than a month.
  • One of my best friends is moving to Florida to be with her fiance.
  • Other close friends that currently live close to me are moving out and headed all around the country for various jobs.

I know Cody and I will be fine, Lauren and I will stay in close contact, and I will remain close with all of my other friends. But I am nervous about all of this change.

Sitting on the beach and listening to the waves I feel at peace. Yes, I am nervous but I am a strong, independent woman and I can and will handle all of this! I have a wonderful support system and I am sure that they will help me so much this coming year.

Every year I read this poem hanging above my bed at the cottage right before I leave. It just reminds me that I can always come back to this special place and it gives me such peace.

“We walked along the beach today. We didn’t have too much to say. And so we walked and watched the bay.

We’d come this way so much before. And walked along these shores.  So now we come to walk once more.  The sun was shining to light out way. The seagulls above us seemed to play. As we waded through the waves that day.

The pine trees seemed to wave goodbye. As we walked there side by side. With just the beach to be our guide. We soon will leave this place behind. But it will never leave our minds. And we’ll return come summertime.”

I hope to come back before the end of the summer. Cheers to special places.


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