WILW: What I’m Loving Wednesday

I started my internship yesterday for the summer. I will only be there two days a week from 9:00-5:00PM each time. The internship is focused on analyzing HIV/AIDS counseling  data to provide fed back to the university on the impact this program is having on the participants. Although I am soo excited to be working within the HIV/AIDS arena, I am not so excited about the data analysis. I am sure this will be a growing experience though and I can learn more about a topic that I am so passionate about.

So I am headed to my internship now but I wanted to post real quick.

Okay.. back to the reason for this post. WILW!

1. Pitbull’s new song for “Men in the Black III” called “Back in time.” Although I hate the Men in Black movies.. I can’t stop listening to this song. Soo good!


2. This necklace from JCrew. I love how chunky it is. I think this would be adorable with a maxi dress!

3. Emily Giffin’s new book comes out on July 24th! I have always read her books and I couldn’t be more excited to read the next one!

4. Cody and I went furniture shopping and I found this Target- Accent Storage Bookcase Cabinet – Red. This would be adorable in an entry way. I love the pop of red color!

5. So for my new apartment (which I move into June 30th!) I am trying to find a fitted sheet to cover my queen sized futon. Here is one idea I have… I can’t decide if I want to go neutral or a pop of color.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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