WILW: What I’m Loving Wednesday

Hey there,

I just caught up on the Bachelorette (I had work on Monday night) and I’m currently eating turkey bacon (cheaper, gluten free & delicious!)– So clearly it is time to write my WILW post 🙂

Here are a few things I can’t seem to get enough of!

1. People Like Us. I get chills watching that preview. I want to see it sooo bad!


2. NOT having homework when I come back from my internship or work. It is SO nice to just relax after a long day!

3. Bethenny Frankel’s new show. Unfortunately her talk show isn’t on in Ohio… but I have been watching every youtube video she posts. She cracks me up. I love people who just own who they are.


4. NOT reading all of the posts on my google reader. Before I loved reading all of the posts that everyone puts up. But I have been so busy that it actually turned into a stresser. So I just clicked ‘mark all as read.’ It’s silly- but instant relief! Over a 100 posts checked off my to do list.

5. Spending time with Cody. I can’t believe that in two weeks we will be on our way to NY and that Cody starts his job in three weeks. I just want to take it all in and spend as much quality time with him as possible 🙂


Hope all is well on your end!



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