Cody’s Graduation

So I completely forgot to publish my post about Cody’s graduation from undergrad! Opps!

A few nights before graduation we went to a senior bar crawl, which was an absolute blast. The graduates wore t-shirts that had a tie on them with each bar they had to go to. Let’s just say we made it to a few ;P

Before we left– I’m not sure why it was necessary to make this face.

And a few pictures during the night.

So let me back up and tell you about that special graduation day 🙂

On Sunday morning Cody graduated! It was such a special day shared with Cody’s family and friends 🙂

The morning of graduation was incredibly hectic. We actually went home for the weekend and decided to drive up with Cody’s family. We HAD to leave by 9 AM but ended up leaving close to 10. About half way to graduation we realized that Cody didn’t have his cap. He had taken the cap home on Friday because he wanted to decorate it… well it was left in his car that we didn’t drive to graduation. Not only did Cody forget his cap but he also wasn’t dressed for graduation.

We made a quick stop at Cody’s apartment and grabbed the first outfit he found. To get the cap situation under control we finally decided to call Cody’s best friend, Brice. Brice literally ran to 5 different shops close to the graduation and was able to get back in time to give it to Cody.

It was over 90 degrees during graduation and we were in the stadium. We were drenched in sweat within 15 minutes of being at graduation.  Finally Cody’s family and I found a shaded area to sit for the three hour graduation; however, Cody was in direct sun for the entire ceremony. He actually had a cap and sunglasses tan line on his face, which we preceded to joke about for the entire evening … poor Cody.

I couldn’t be prouder of Cody! He graduated from college and leaves for his new job soon!!


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