Fashion Friday: Maxi Dress

Is it already Friday?? Man this week flew by. It’s time for Fashion Friday.

I have been loving maxi dresses this summer and I need to make a purchase. I love how they are so light and the cool (temp wise) for hot weather.

1. Maxi Dress from JCrew Factory: Factory V-Neck Maxidress.  I saw this on a woman at work the other night and fell in love. It looked SO good on her! It is a very flattering cut.

2. Forever 21: Tri Tone Draped Cardigan. I like how this is a cardigan but just a little different.

 3. Gap Wedges: Crisscross wedge sandal. I was surprised to find such cute shoes on the Gap’s website. But I love these wedges.

4. JCrew Bold Necklace: Flower Lattice Necklace. I love this necklace. It can dress up the outfit- to switch to an evening outfit.

5. Michael Kors Glitz Gold Runway Watch. The dress and sweater are both sleeveless so a chunky piece on the wrist will pull the whole look together.

Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow I am moving apartments and I couldn’t be more excited!!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Maxi Dress

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