NY Transitions

For those of you just catching up: Cody, my boyfriend, moved to NY for work. So Cody’s family and I left a three weeks ago to move Cody up and get him settled into his new place.

The night before we left, I worked a 12 hour shift at work and didn’t get home till 4:30 AM. This is the sunset the night before we left. As soon as I arrived home from work, Cody picked me up and we headed on the road.

Cody drove the entire 12 hour drive. Unfortunately because of work I hadn’t slept at all by the time we left at 5:00 AM. Cody was such a good sport and just let me sleep. Once we arrived at the apartment, Cody picked up the keys and we headed up to his apartment to start unpacking the trailer.

For the first few days we set up the apartment. We found all of his essential places like a new grocery store, bank, Starbucks, etc. For the remainder of the time we set up furniture and organized his entire 800 square foot apartment (just a tiny bit bigger than mine.. aka two times the size ;P).

On Thursday we decided to head to NYC for the day. We drove into the city and parked close to the Staten Island Ferry for only $20 (for the whole day)!

We started off walking off around the St. George sidewalk before riding the Staten Island Ferry.  So pretty!

The Staten Island Ferry is a free ferry that transports commuters back and forth between Manhattan and Staten Island. The great part about the ferry is that it takes you right past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island without having to pay.

Another option is to pay $17 to take the Statue Cruise, which lets you off at Ellis Island to walk around and then takes you back to Manhattan. I have actually done the cruise before but we planned an inexpensive trip for the day 🙂 and we still got some great pictures!

After riding the ferry we picked up Chipotle. Cody was devastated when he found out that the closest  Chipotle to him to an hour away. So clearly we had to go to Chipotle in the city. After picking up lunch we walked around and found the world trade center memorial. The last time that I was in NYC we went to see where the twin towers. At the time you could see the memorial looking through a chain link fence. Unfortunately you have to get tickets to view the memorial now. The tickets are free and can be printed online but if you do not bring them (during their peak hours) you can’t get into the memorial. Soo.. we viewed the memorial from the outside and then continued on our way. It is crazy to me how eerie it is still there.

We then walked around wall street and saw the stock exchange. And then proceeded to go to Trinity Church, Federal Hall, Tiffany’s and the surrounding stores. We walked around the shops for a while and then headed back to Cody’s apartment. It was such a fun day together in the city.

It was difficult to say goodbye but he will be back home for training in about a month. Overall it was such a wonderful exhausting trip. I can’t wait to be back in October 🙂


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