Fashion Friday: Simple Date Night Outfit

Another Friday… another Fashion Friday.

My friends and I play this game at work where we give each other a clothing scenario written on a piece of paper and you have to pick out an outfit in one minute. Working retail this game is very entertaining 🙂 Here was my latest scenario:

Your mission if you choice to accept:

“You just finished another half marathon and find out that the hot guy

you passed during the race is going to be at dinner that night.

After seeing you all hot and sweaty… you need an outfit to impress him.

Ready… set… go!”

So the outfit below is what I would wear on a date night with this apparently good looking half marathoner ;P I’m sure they were talking about Cody!


I love this simple and classy dress. Such an easy dress to throw on and look great! This is from my WILW post this past week. I am officially in love. I also have a thing for this color and cut this Spring!


I also love these Badgley Mischka “Goodie” Pump. I am sure they would look adorable with multiple outfits, which they should for their price tag. Ouch!


For the accessories I like adding another color to the outfit. This orange definitely does the trick in the earrings, necklace, and cocktail ring.

JCrew: Cabochon Fan Earrings

JCrew: Cabochon Fan Pendant Necklace

Macy’s: Cocktail Ring.


So there you have it.. this guy half marathoner didn’t stand a chance 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Simple Date Night Outfit

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