Color Run Check!

So three of my sorority sisters and I ran the Color Run together!

If you aren’t familiar with the Color Run.. check out this video.

It is seriously “the happiest 5k on the planet!”

Here is my sorority twin and me!

Cait, Char, Court, and me.


Such a fun experience! I highly recommend running one. Just a few pieces of advice~

  • Wear a bandana ~ very useful to cover your mouth and nose when you are running through the color.
  • Wear sunglasses ~ 100% necessary!
  • Bring a water bottle ~ there is one water station but if you get color in your mouth it is pretty chalky.
  • Use a disposable camera ~ there were so many people using their iPhones to take pictures. People are so crazy! Definitely use a disposable one so if something happens to your camera it isn’t a big deal.  Unfortunately all of my fun pictures during the race haven’t been developed yet ~ hence why we don’t look super colorful in the photos above. The ones above were all taken after the race when we had taken our colorful clothes off.
  • Run with friends and enjoy yourself! ~ pretty self-explanatory. Just have fun!!

What is the most fun 5K you have ever run? Every year my family runs a turkey trot on Thanksgiving but I have never done ANYTHING like the color run. Such a fun experience 🙂


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