Fashion Fridays: Favorite Running Items

TGIF! It’s Friday!

I recently started training for my next half marathon so I thought I would share my favorite running items. So this is a bit of a different fashion Friday.

Garmin Running Watch: 

I currently have the Garmin Forerunner 405 running watch and love it. I have had it for over two years and use it for all training runs. Although the Garmin watches are pretty large, the 405 is a manageable size and has easy to use features. I’m pretty sure this watch is smarter than me.. so I am constantly learning new features that the watch can do.

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Goody Elastic Athletic Headbands. I use these headbands on every run. They stay in my hair and keep all of my fly aways in check.

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Running Shirts:

Personally I love wearing the shirts that I have received from past races. I always feel more motivated when I run in shirts that I earned.

Running Shorts:

Nike Women’s Tempo Track Running Shorts. I have these shorts in pretty much every color. They are super comfortable and a good length for running shorts.

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I also use Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm for long runs. This anti-chafe glide is amazing.

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What are your favorite running items?