Last first day??

Yesterday was my first day of classes in the last year of my public health grad program (a bit of a mouth full to say). Or as my friend told me it’s my last-first day of school (I have a strong suspicion this won’t be the last of my school).

It seems like I have the same rituals for the first day of school as  I did when I was little. I always wake up extra early and make a great big breakfast with a large cup of coffee/tea (ok ok… caffeine actually didn’t start till high school). The night before I always pick out my breakfast, pack my lunch, and get my backpack ready. Every year I get these pre-school jitters where I can’t sleep the night before and I reflect on the summer and my past year of school.

As familiar as my pre-school year routine is.. I am in a much different place mentally this year when compared with past years. Currently I am thinking about my future career as in something that will happen sooner rather than later. My career/job has always seemed like something so distant from now but it isn’t anymore. In a year from now I hope to have a full-time job working in public health arena.

I have been in school for all but 4 years of my life. How crazyyy is that? I am looking forward to the next year.. but I am also very nervous. I want to have a great career focused on the health of others. I want to make a difference. People Water has a shirt right now that says…

“We aren’t asking you to change anything except the world.” What a great saying. I am ready to make my mark on the world… it may start out with some crappy first big girl job but I’m excited to get started.




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