Fashion Friday: Curly Hair

Yay! I have successfully made it through my second week of school! It’s been a pretty good week. I’m slowly adjusting to school mode. I just got back from a happy hour with about thirty students in my program.. so. much. fun! I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and headed there for a few hours!

On to Fashion Friday… and particularly hair. So I have this obsession with curly hair. Not super tight ringlets but more long wavy curls. Like this…

Source 1: Source 2

I am absolutely horrible with a curling iron and so I always use hot rollers, which ends up making my hair look like this:

I like the hot rollers because they are quick and easy to use but I end up having tight curls that don’t fall out very much.

So this morning I woke up and naturally looked through my Pinterest and found this tutorial:

~ Check out Cara’s blog! She has such cute fashion and fair tricks.

The video from Cara is for big wavy curls! Score! A few things I learned:

  • Keep the curling iron straight down– it keeps all of the curls looking similar.
  • Curl the hair around the outside of the curling iron barrel.
  • Curl away from your face.
  • Do not clamp the ends of your hair! Who knew?

With a lot of patience and a burnt ear from my curling iron… I ended up with this:

It’s official. I’m in love. I can’t wait to get better!

What hair trend are you in love with?