The longest shortest week

So I left last you, before WILW, telling you that Cody was coming to town!! I just wanted to share a few pictures of our time together and a few captions. Long distance relationships truly make you appreciate the small things. It was wonderful to be able to just be together this week 🙂 Here is our week according to my iPhone.

Carm is such a good sport 😉

Lunch at my favorite local spot.

We celebrated Dad’s 56th birthday in style. Yes that is a beer in Dad’s hand.. at the movie theater! What??

Getting ready for a night of fun!

A beautiful night at the baseball field.

Blue eyes 🙂

A morning of motocross riding!

Art supply shopping for Cody’s brother, Daniel.

Homemade gf french toast (don’t worry Cody’s was of the gluten variety), fruit, eggs, and amazing coffee made by Cody.

I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing man in my life.


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