Fashion Friday: Test Drive on Polyvore

Guess what I learned about this week?! Polyvore! Have you gone onto this website?
Polyvore is slightly addicting after you get the hang of it. Just like Pinterest. You are able to mix and match fashion pieces on a blank screen and then publish them for others to view. I tried to use this website a while ago– but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. But with a little patience I was able to create this look below.
I’m thinking about using this format for future Fashion Friday Posts.. what do you think?
Personally I like that you are able to see each piece together so the flow seems a lot better.
Untitled #1
Do you like something particularly in the picture above? Below are the links to each piece. Pretty convenient if you ask me!

Melissa leopard shoes
$80 –

River Island enamel jewelry
$6.37 –

Alexander mcqueen scarve
$610 –

Kate spade
So what do you think? Like the new format?

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