Fashion Friday: Ombre Trend Alert

It’s Friday! I’m sure you are aware ūüôā

So I have learned recently about this trend… ombre. Have you heard of this? It is everywhere. Literally everywhere. Hair, shirts, dresses, pants, skirts.. the list goes on and on. Pinterest has exploded with examples of this trend. I know ombre has been around for a little while but with Pinterest- individuals can learn how to make these garments at home now.

Ombre is French for “shadow” or gradual change in tone. In fashion that means the color of a piece of clothing gradually shifts to another color or shade. This color transition can be very¬†subtle¬†like a dark purple fading into a light purple or it can be very drastic. For example, going from black to white.

Here is a video giving some examples of ombre from Fashion Week:

Ombre is the new tie-dye if you will. It is very easily replicated at home and can turn an old garment into a new hot piece!

Here are some examples.

Ombre Nails:

  • Click on this link to learn how to create ombre nails at home.¬†


Ombre Skirt:

  • Herve Leger: Ombre bandage mini skirt.


Ombre Scarf:

  • Nordstrom Ombre Eyelash Silk & Cashmere Scarf
  • Click this link to make an ombre scarf at home.


What do you think of ombre? Is this a fashion trend you want to replicate?


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Fashion Fridays: Favorite Running Items

TGIF! It’s Friday!

I recently started training for my next half marathon so I thought I would share my favorite running items. So this is a bit of a different fashion Friday.

Garmin Running Watch: 

I currently have the Garmin Forerunner 405 running watch and love it. I have had it for over two years and use it for all training runs. Although the Garmin watches are pretty large, the 405 is a manageable size and has easy to use features. I’m pretty sure this watch is smarter than me.. so I am constantly learning new features that the watch can do.

*Image Source* 


Goody Elastic Athletic Headbands. I use these headbands on every run. They stay in my hair and keep all of my fly aways in check.

*Image Source*

Running Shirts:

Personally I love wearing the shirts that I have received from past races. I always feel more motivated when I run in shirts that I earned.

Running Shorts:

Nike Women’s Tempo Track Running Shorts. I have these shorts in pretty much every color. They are super comfortable and a good length for running shorts.

*Image Source*


I also use Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm for long runs. This anti-chafe glide is amazing.

*Image Source*

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What are your favorite running items?

Fashion Fridays: Dress Dreaming

Guess what?! It is Friday! And it is my Grandpa’s birthday!

So I am in love with this next dress for Fashion Fridays but it is a bit pricey. Cheers to dreaming.

The dress is found online at¬†Oxygen Boutique¬†and it called the ‘Alice + Olivia Alyssa Embellished Party Dress.’

So I’m not great with my pound to US dollar conversion. So I found a calculator and the sad sad reality is $1,017.15! Ouch. Like I said.. dreaming! I’m just one dreaming girl for this Fashion Friday.

655.00 British pounds sterling = 1017.1495 US dollars

I love the sparkles on the dress that give it an extra something. The length is perfect and I can’t get over the cut out front and the neck line. I think it would be perfect to spin around a dance floor in…

I have thought of about a million places to wear this dress to… a dance, date, wedding, party, rainy day… the list goes on and on.

However, my wallet can not afford this¬†beautiful¬†dress.. so I will continue to dream about it ūüôā


Enjoy the last day of the work week!

Fashion Friday: Beach Day

Happy happy Friday! So in honor of it almost being summer enjoy my new Fashion Friday!

1. A big floppy hat:¬†Luxury Lane Women’s Coffee Floppy Sun Hat with Bow

2. Victoria Secret Swimsuit

3. Cover Up:¬†Bleu by Rod Beattie Cover Up, Scoop Neck Sheer Ruffled Poncho – Womens Swim – Macy’s

4. Beach Bag: Sperry Top-Sider Sailcloth Tote Medium

5. TOMS Sunglasses:

Have a great weekend!